MultiCatchTM Shell Catcher
Pa"The Automagic Shell Catcher"TM

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MultiCatch Shell Catcher

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    The MultiCatch™ shell catcher is the only practical and user friendly multiple shell catcher for use with autoloading shotguns.  It is a revolutionary, one of a kind, patented shell catcher which allows the shooter to catch multiple ejected shells from an autoloading shotgun.  For the first time autoloader shooters can pursue their favorite recreational clay target games without pelting others with ejected shells, and easily retain their spent shells without the back breaking, inconvenient and delay causing retrieval of ejected shells from the ground.  The MultiCatch™ shell catcher is a boon for autoloader shooters who reload their spent shells and eliminates the litter of spent shells from shooting grounds.
    The MultiCatchTM is currently available for 12 gauge Beretta AL391 Urika, Urika 2, Teknys, 390, and 3901 model autoloaders. This model of the MultiCatch™ does not fit the Beretta A391 Extrema or Extrema 2 models.  Models for other makes, models and gauges of shotguns are planned.
   Made from nylon, stainless steel and alloy steel, the MultiCatchTM shell catcher is rugged and will last for years with proper care.  It is for use only with 12 gauge, 2 inch target loads. The MultiCatchTM shell catcher will not work with 3 inch shells or hunting loads and is not recommended for use on guns which have built in shell deflectors or "knock down pins" installed on them.  The MultiCatchTM  shell catcher is easily installed and removed without the need for gunsmithing services.  It mounts on the gun with removable adhesive strips that won't mar the guns finish.
    Please note that while Beretta shotguns are precision made using computerized techniques, there is still some variation between guns.  In addition as a gun ages and the round count goes up, bolt speed can increase and affect ejection.  Different shot charges and muzzle velocities and the use of reloads will also affect the way spent shells are ejected.  As a result, for the MultiCatch to work properly it may be necessary to replace the factory ejector and spring assembly with a modified ejector to make shell ejection more consistent from shot to shot.  We supply everything you need to replace your factory ejector and how to do that is shown here:  Factory Ejector Replacement Video  Replacing your factory ejector is easy and is comletely reversible.  There is no additional charge for the replacement ejector.
    In addition to conveniently catching spent shells, the MultiCatchTM shell catcher has the added benefit of significantly reducing the amount of recoil felt by the shooter.  Because the MultiCatchTM shell catcher uses some bolt energy to operate, less recoil impulse is transmitted to the shooters shoulder significantly reducing the amount of  recoil perceived by the shooter.
    The MultiCatchTM has a thirty (30) day from date of shipment money back guarantee (returned in good condition in original packaging) and a one year repair or replacement warranty (shipping excluded in each case).  We hope you enjoy your MultiCatchTM and thank you for your interest! 

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